Thursday, August 2, 2012

the bb burger

special burger for u all.......


1 pOund grOund sirlOin

1 pOund grOund chuck

6 tablespOOns Of gOrgOnzOla Cheese, Or mOre tO taste

mccOrmick's Grill Mates Hamburger SeasOning

1 giant red OniOn (Or twO medium)

1/2 pOund bacOn, cOOked extra crispy

6 rOmaine lettuce leafs, halved

6 hamburger buns, tOasted


peel then cut the red OniOn intO six thick slices, place On tO a medium-high grill until charred and sOftened (be careful flipping). cOmbine the grOund sirlOin and chuck, then fOrm 6 patties. place abOut a tablespOOn of gOrgOnzOla in the center Of each burger and fOld the Outer edges Over the center tO keep the cheese inside. make a small dimple in the center then sprinkle the burgers with seasOning On bOth sides and place them On the hOt grill and cOOk until desired dOneness (about 3-4 minutes a side). remOve and let rest fOr 3-5 minutes .tOast buns On the grill then tOp with the burger, charred OniOn rings, bacOn and lettuce, Or any Other tOppings tO suit yOur fancy.

ayaq kOsOng kata; anak aku masak sendiri beb....

by simply scratch

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