Wednesday, June 12, 2013

penang internatiOnal dragOn bOat festival

experience One Of east asia’s mOst happening events Of the year this summer! be a part Of Malaysia’s hip and happening at penang’s internatiOnal dragOn bOat festival! experience the cOuntry’s cOlOrful culture, be a part Of its centuries Old traditiOns and witness all the fun and excitement that gOes intO this famed event! a festival that has taken inspiratiOn frOm the cOuntry’s century’s Old culture and traditiOns surely Offers a treat fOr everyOne. sO lOOk fOr the best travel deals tO penang nOw as all this fun and actiOn will be cOmmencing On the 8th and 9th of June this year! trust us when we say this, watching the entrants rOw their cOlOrful bOats in the clear waters Of the dam are a lOt mOre fun than it actually seems! sO if yOu were already thinking Of heading tO Malaysia this hOliday seasOn then yOu simply must include a trip tO penang during the festival dates and be a part Of Malaysia’s mOst inspiring events Of the year.

penang dragOn bOat festival prides in Offering sOme of the mOst tantalizing delights that yOu can enjOy while watching this nerve wracking race. spectatOrs can nOw purchase fOOd items frOm the variOus fOOd stalls with the coupOns that are sOld by the Organizer Of the event. sO much yOur way thrOugh the race with Malaysia’s finest delicacies...

The annual dragOn bOat festival has cOntinued tO attract entrants frOm arOund the glObe. the event is held in the breathtakingly beautiful surrOundings Of teluk bahang dam, beyOnd batu ferringhi, that makes this festival all the mOre fascinating tO watch. the bOats used are beautifully designed with vibrant and extensive cOlOrs that further add tO the majestic beauty Of the event.

each bOat has arOund eight tO twenty paddlers thriving ambitiOusly tO make it tO the end. feel the thrill and excitement as yOu watch yOur cOuntry’s paddlers thrive thrOugh the race. nOwhere else will yOu find a spOrt that is beautifully blended intO culture and traditiOns Of this fascinating country. find yOurself enjOying the beat Of the drums frOm each Of these cOlOrful bOats as they paddle through the lake. this is One event that is guaranteed tO be enjOyed by all age grOups. sO take a break and let the adventurOus side tO yOu Out..

penang’s dragOn bOat festival being unique of its kind Offers you the ideal OppOrtunity tO snap pictures Of this icOnic race. it is nOt just the dragOn’s head that is carved Out at the end Of each Of the bOats that make it wOrth taking pictures Of, but the mere beauty Of the venue that makes up fOr sOme Of the mOst stunning pictures! sO charge yOur batteries because this One-Of-a-kind race is surely wOrth being treasured! SO all yOu adventure lOvers, nOw is the time tO bOOk the cheap flights tO penang! Experience magic, culture, traditiOns, thrill, excitement and a lOt mOre by being part Of the famed penang internatiOnal dragOn bOat festival.....

ayaq kOsOng kata; teringin nak jOint....

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