Wednesday, July 4, 2012

shOkO lee exhibition - nature in lines, lines Of nature

shOkO lee was bOrn in year 1948 and she bade farewell tO japan in year 1972. she began a new life and artistic career and becOme a malaysia citizen after marrying lee kian seng. her art cOrrespOnds tO the different phases Of her life. frOm publishing sunny bOy in 1980 to my diary series frOm 1980 Onwards, which includes the sOul-dragOn hOrse (1989-2006) series, and mOre recently, her travel jOurneys such as the india nepal pilgrimage in 2008. shOkO find her inspiratiOn in nature and subject matters Of everyday life. her vivid imaginatiOn has trasfOrmed Ordinary Objects and animals intO cheerful individuals bursting with exuberance.

venue                     : penang state art gallery, dewan sri pinang pulau pinang

time                         : 9 am until 5 pm (Open daily except public hOlidays)

exhibitiOn date : 27 june 2012 - 8 july 2012

admissiOn            : free

ayaq kOsOng kata; sapa yang minat pi la tengOk

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